Resetting Ambari Admin password

I was trying to setup the Ambari to authenticate against Active directory and meanwhile I tried logging in to Ambari portal. I tried with admin userid and it’s password but did not work. Thinking I might have forgotten them, tried resetting. To reset there is not direct way (which I know of ), you can follow the following path to set it to default id/password to : admin/admin.

  1. Stop Ambari server
  2. Log on to ambari server host (node on which Amabari server is installed)
  3. Run ‘psql -U ambari’
  4. Enter password **** (this password is stored in /etc/ambari-server/conf/password.dat, default is bigdata)
  5. In psql prompt ambari=>:
  6. update ambari.users set user_password=’538916f8943ec225d97a9a86a2c6ec0818c1cd400e09e03b660fdaaec4af29ddbb6f2b1033b81b00′ where user_name=’admin’
  7. Quit psql
  8. Restart Ambari Server ‘ambari-server restart’

PS: The password used in step 6 is the encrypted form of ‘admin’.



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